Donations for Holiday Care Packages

Hello Everyone

Street Lamp are seeking donations for 100 care packages to be given out for the Christmas Holidays to include items such as:

– non-perishables (tins of corned beef, tuna, crackers, biscuits/cookies, snacks etc)
– toiletries: soap, toilet paper, toothpaste etc
– wash cloths/hand towels

Perhaps if you shop at PriceSmart or one of the other wholesale outlets you could add a case of soap/cans of tuna/toilet paper/some hand towels in your regular shopping? Or buy a few bars of soap, rolls of toilet paper or some tins at the supermarket?

Every single donation will make a difference to someone less fortunate – even a single tin or bar of soap will be very much appreciated.

If anyone is interested, please let us know – we are happy to organize collection.

Thank you

Street Lamp Ministries